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The TRILBY HAT is here !

A revolution in Raspberry Pi HAT functionality & pricing.

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Item Connector Description
1 B1 Battery holder for real-time clock. Install CR1220 battery or equivalent with +ve terminal facing upwards, in order for the real-time clock to continue operating when the board is powered down.
2 J2 SMA connector for VHF/UHF antenna
3 J4 SMA connector for HF antenna
4 J457 3-pin audio PWM output header (pin 2 is GND, pin 1 and 3 are for the two audio channels)
5 J454 USB mini connector
Can be used to power the board and/or to program the FPGA from a personal computer
6 J456 Power mode jumper
Link pins 1 and 2 to power the Trilby board from Raspberry Pi
Link pins 2 and 3 to power the Trilby board via its USB connector
7 J29 6-pin JTAG header which can be used to program the FPGA using a cable supplied by Lattice
pin 1: +3.3V
pin 2: TDI
pin 3: TMS
pin 4: TCK
pin 5: TDO
pin 6: GND
8 J451 FPGA programming mode selection
Do not install this jumper if FPGA is to be programmed using the USB port
Install jumper when programming using a Lattice JTAG cable or from the Raspberry Pi
9 J450 FPGA programming mode selection
Install this jumper if programming the FPGA using the USB port or from the Raspberry Pi
Remove jumper in order to program using a Lattice JTAG cable
Short these two pins momentarily to trigger reloading of the FPGA firmware from the flash memory.
11 J30 FPGA configuration mode, bit 0 (install jumper for normal operation)
12 J31 FPGA configuration mode, bit 1 (do not install for normal operation)
13 J32 FPGA configuration mode, bit 2 (install jumper for normal operation)
14 J26 Install this jumper to enable the Raspberry Pi to write to the EEPROM
15 J458 24 pin GPIO Expansion header
pin 1 and 2 are +5V supply
pin 20, 23 and 24 are GND
pin 22 is an active-low reset signal (short to GND to reset the FPGA) when using demo firmware
all other pins are connected directly to IO pins on the FPGA
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150kHz to 1000MHz+
Software Defined Radio
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HF Up Converter
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Real Time Clock
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Dual Audio Output Channels / Stereo Capable
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4 Coloured LEDs
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GPIO FPGA Breakout Connector
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Lattice ECP5-45 FPGA
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Use Standalone or with Raspberry Pi
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