Requirements for High-Resolution outlines

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Requirements for High-Resolution outlines

Post by Halcones » February 3rd, 2009, 11:47 am

I thought I would take a few minutes out from plotting co-ordinates to show the reason quite a few airfields are being added to the awaiting better images list rather than the in production list...


The graphic above shows the difference in scale from the almost default 200ft screen grab in the top image to the required minimum level of 50ft (bottom image).
To get the detail level in the High resolution outlines, the 50ft zoom level is the minimum that is achievable (Some airfields do have a 20ft zoom level which are even better!).

Before adding an airfield to the wish-list in the High-Res outline thread, please take a look at the zoom level of the image available on Google, and if it's 50ft or better, please add the airfield to the list.

For those in the waiting list already, if you spot Google has improved the image to the 50ft minimum, drop me a post and I will bump it up the list for production.

I hope the above explains why all airfields don't automatically get produced when requested.

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